Some folks view a photo shoot as a trip to the dentist or a visit from the IRS. I get that. If I was on the other side of the camera I'd most likely feel exactly the same way. I prefer to look at our time together as a conversation between friends. As my pal Peter Frampton said better than I ever could, "Let’s face it, having my photo taken is not my favorite thing, but, when I work with Gregg, it’s more like a hang with a good friend."

Let's hang. This won't hurt a bit.


RCA/Sony Entertainment
Rounder Records
New West Records
30 Tigers
DW Drums
Ovation Guitars
Peter Frampton
Sugar Hill Records
Normaltown Records
Rodney Crowell
BSG Advertising Miami
Oxford American Magazine
Warner Brothers Records

“Most photographers worth their salt have 'a good eye.' Gregg Roth has a third one. When he shoots you, something winds up on the image that you didn’t know was there about yourself. I’d call it a coincidence except that he’s done it again and again.”
Tommy Womack

“Gregg is the best photographer I’ve ever worked with. His passion for melding music and photography is amazing and I hope every Artist has the chance to work with him.”
Greg Bates
Republic Nashville Recording Artist

“I couldn’t be happier with Gregg’s work on my projects. He has a brilliant talent for capturing “that moment” and getting the essence of his subject. To top it off he is incredibly easy and fun to work with, which can be rare in the photography world. I give my highest recommendation.”
Jason Ringenberg
Jason & the Scorchers

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