Melrose Billiards

The late, great Melrose Billiards was a dive, in the best sense of the word. Bearded hipster or crusty regular, you could walk down those red stairs and escape the real world for a few hours, enveloped in smoke and neon. Unfortunately, that all came to an end when the proprietors for the last 47 years were informed they had just weeks to pack up and leave. A newer, more upscale "concept" was moving in. Lawyers were called, negotiations commenced, but in the end, sadly, "progress" won out. I got the call 2 days before closing that if I wanted to shoot my favorite location in Nashville one more time, this was my last chance. I had the privilege of spending 1 more day in the old joint, and I jumped at the chance. My cameras still smell like smoke, and my lungs have not forgiven me, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. You'll be missed Melrose Billiards, or Chandler's, as the old timers called her. This should serve as a valuable lesson for our town as she goes through these growing pains. Progress isn't always progress. And change isn't always a good thing.

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